To celebrate us bringing Spilt Milk to the big apple of the west, we’ve put together a list of our favourite things to do over a weekend. Featuring the best eats, coffee spots, nights out and activities Perth has to offer, check out these local gems.


You’ve gotta break bread before (and ideally after) you spill milk. You might as well eat good.

The Claremont Hotel

High on our hit list whenever we’re in town, Peggy’s in Fremantle serves up some of the best sandwiches in the west. They do their own take on a brekkie mcmuffin (which paired with an iced coffee is essentially an elixir of life if you’re nursing a hangover), but look further down the menu for the real magic and be sure to get a donut to go. We’ve been using Peggy’s coasters since our last visit because we a) love sandwiches, and b) enjoy the design reference to the P emoji. Free YSL!


Go from Spilt Milk to slurping on a delicious broth with Nao Ramen. From classic egg noodles to spinach, chilli and squid ink infused options, they’re taking noods to new levels while staying true to traditional Japanese flavours and a charming homely atmosphere.


A classic, cheap and cheerful local dumpling house, Authentic Bites is a certified Perth institution. The line never lies and there’s always a line. Wait times usually aren’t too bad though and the dishes are more than worth it.


Who doesn’t love a pub feed? The Claremont Hotel does all the classics with distinction and if you’re feeling fancy also has a typically WA penchant for seafood. YUM. Its bottomless brunch is also a big hit, just be sure to book ahead and remember to down a few waters between drinks. 


If you’re looking for something extra delicious, you’ll often hear, ‘you’ve gotta go to Wildflower,’ but you can also check out all of WA’s hatted restaurants right here. Go ahead, treat yourself.


La Veen Coffee

Situated on King Street’s boutique shopping strip in the city centre, La Veen Coffee is right up there for the best drop in Perth. It’s a walk-ins only type of joint with coffees and pastries and that’s it. The coffees and pastries are THAT GOOD.


Great for coffee dates, brunches or a pre-festival caffeine fix, The Other Side in Claremont/Cottesloe/Swanbourne (it’s kind of in the grey space between all three – hence the name) is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. A firm favourite for all your cafe classics.


Of all the coffee shops to choose from in Fremantle, we’ve got a soft spot for this local haunt. Freshly roasted on site, which you can literally see happening before your eyes, every coffee at Gesha is a masterclass in Italian methods and machinery.


Rottnest Island

Home to one of our most precious national treasures, the quokka, you could do way worse things in life than a Rottnest Island day trip. We’ve never really understood the expression ‘cute as a button’, but these lil dudes are CUTE and well worth the short ferry ride from Fremantle. Once on the island, you can rent bikes, snorkelling gear, paddle boards and more, or just enjoy things at your own pace.


Have a laugh with your mates at one of Perth’s most iconic live performance venues. Conveniently located on Murray Street in the CBD, Comedy Lounge is our go-to for giggles with live standup Wednesday through Saturday nights. The pizzas are good and the drinks are too. Just don’t sit in the front row unless you’re in the mood for a roast. Consider yourselves warned. 


Get in touch with your creative side at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Housing the State Art Collection as well as a revolving door of exciting exhibitions, a day at AGWA is a day well spent. Make sure you pop upstairs to check out the open air sculpture walk as well as the view from Perth’s largest rooftop venue. A sunset drink should be on the cards.


Al Lupo

Find Al Lupo Bar by the beach in Freo – that’s what we’re calling ‘Fremantle’ from here on in the article (bc at this point we’re basically locals). It’s our number one evening spot with 10/10 food, drinks, setting and staff. Our favourite, the Spice Up Your Life cocktail, is good enough to make you seriously reconsider ordering another regular old spicy marg ever again. They’re not the same. Go get it.


Live music venue-turned late night club setting, Jack Rabbit Slim’s is a guaranteed good time also known for its infamous blue power rave juice. Don’t ask us what’s in it. Our head says Alizè but our heart says blue Pop Tops. Either way, it’s good. Check the event schedule to see if something tickles your fancy Spilt Milk weekend.


Goodwill Club AKA The Rechabite basement, is an intimate, open till l8 techno den in the heart of the city. Dance, dance, dance to your heart’s content, or catch a breather on one of the famous complex’s other levels. Hello Rooftop Bar is a vibe or you could even catch a live performance on level one.


Claremont Quarter

Fancy a spot of shopping? Claremont Quarter is your one-stop destination for everything from beauty for Spilt Milk makeup and recovery to last minute outfit inspo or a grocery run, and is a couple cuts above your average shopping centre. 


Here’s the go. Murray Street Mall and Hay Street Mall have got all your classics and they’re open air so you can enjoy some sun while you shop. If you’re looking for something a little bit special, we’d recommend the short walk to King Street where you’ll find coveted local retailers like Highs & Lows and Hypnotise alongside international luxury fashion houses.

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