There will be accessible viewing platforms at both Angove and Basquiat stage available for you and your companions if you require them. If you require access to the viewing platforms on the day, please reach out to or email us through the form below.


We have areas dedicated to accessible parking, drop off and pick up for those who have a Mobility Parking Scheme permit. If you’ll require this on the day, please get in contact with us at or email us through the form below. If you don’t have a Mobility Parking Scheme permit but still have the need to access this dedicated area, please start a conversation with us through the previously mentioned email and we can work on figuring out a solution for you.


If you hold a valid National Companion Card and purchase a General Admission ticket to Spilt Milk, you will receive a complimentary ticket for your companion or carer. Please reach out to after you have purchased your GA ticket or contact us via the form below include the following:

  • A copy of your valid National Companion Card
  • Your Spilt Milk location & ticket order number
  • The email address you used to buy the ticket
  • The full name of your companion

Spilt Milk is proud to be a part of the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network. The Hidden Disability Sunflower is a tool to voluntarily share that you have a hidden disability. By wearing a Sunflower, you’re just letting our staff know that you might need extra help, understanding, or just more time. We will be providing Hidden Disability Sunflower Lanyards from the accessibility entry lane at the festival for anyone that feels like wearing one, hidden disability or not – you won’t need to disclose your disability in order to receive one. If you’re interested in one and want to let us know that you’re coming? Please register your interest at 

What is a hidden disability? While some of us experience a disability that is visible, many of us have a non-visible disability that is not immediately apparent to others. These can be temporary, situational or permanent. They can be neurological, cognitive and neurodevelopmental as well as physical, visual, auditory and including sensory and processing difficulties. They also include respiratory, rare diseases and chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes.

We will try to accommodate anyone who would like a lanyard and access the sunflower space but if we are at capacity, priority will be given to any on who registered their interest at 


We understand and recognise the need to take break from the sights, sounds and senses of a music festival and are working towards creating a quiet space at the festival which will be available for those who require it. If you have bought a ticket or are considering buying one, and you would utilise this space at the festival, we would be extremely appreciative if you could let us know via the form here

We will try to accommodate anyone who would like a lanyard and access the sunflower space but if we are at capacity, priority will be given to any on who registered their interest at 


Assistance and support animals, such as guide dogs, hearing dogs and medical alert dogs, are permitted inside Spilt Milk. If you’ll be attending with your assistance animal, please let us know in advance through the form below or by emailing so we can best accommodate you and your service animal on the day.


If you need to bring in prescription medication to the festival, you’ll need to make sure its in its original packaging with the dispensary label matching the name on the ID of the ticket holder. Please bring your medication through the accessible lane on the day for the medical team to review. We advise only discussing your medication with the medical team. If you are talking to security or front entry staff, please ask them to direct you to the medical entry point.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition which you’d like us to know about, please contact our team at or through the form below to discuss how best we can accommodate you.

Everyone deserves to experience live music and we’re constantly working on ways to improve the festival to create a more accessible and inclusive environment for music fans. If there is anything that we can do to make your time easier at the festival, please start a conversation with us through or the form below, so we can work towards accommodating your needs.

Accessibility form

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