Amanda Witucki, The Paper Committee

Dubbed as “new school origami,” Amanda utilizes simple folding techniques and adheres paper shapes together, creating geometric landscapes. Her work is crisp, concise, and can be quite large in scale: some installations contain several thousand pieces of paper. In tangent with these mathematical paper shapes, color is a primary focus of her work. 

Amanda Witucki is a self-taught artist living in Austin, Texas who has been creating consistent bodies of work since 2018. Her focus is paper sculpture and origami. She graduated in 2010 with a BA in Psychology with a minor in French from the University of Kansas.

Amanda’s pieces were licensed in order to bring Spilt Milk’s creative identity to life for 2023, creating the foundation of our lineup poster, website design and video content.

 “Color palettes are like music to me—each combination of colors speaks a feeling, or a memory, or an impression, and my job is to convey the feeling I experienced to the viewer. Color is the destination, paper is the vehicle.”

See more of Amanda’s work here

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