Ballarat Camping

Want to rock up to a pitched tent right next door to Spilt Milk? Rent-a-Tent will have tents already set up for you and your mates for the weekend. You can book yourself bedding, lights and extras or bring your own goods! Read our FAQs below to find out more.

If you’re bringing a car, be sure to buy a camping parking pass as well.

Camping and parking tix go on sale through Moshtix 8AM Wednesday 11 May.

Day parking passes* for event day will also be available from Wednesday 11 May on Moshtix
– Single day car parking $30
– Single day party bus/coach parking $45

*These are for people who are driving to the event on the day, not for campers

2 PERSON TENT – BUDGET2.6m x 2.6m$200
2 PERSON TENT – MID3m x 3m$260
3 PERSON TENT – MID3m x 3m$300
4 PERSON TENT – DELUXE3m x 4.2m$400
TENT + BEDS (camping stretchers)SIZEPRICE (2x NIGHTS)
2 PERSON TENT – BUDGET2.6m x 2.6m$300
2 PERSON TENT – MID3m x 3m$380
3 PERSON TENT – MID3m x 3m$450
4 PERSON TENT – DELUXE3m x 4.2m$580

Camping and parking tix go on sale through Moshtix 8AM Wednesday 11 May.


If you’ve got your own tent set up, you can grab a site at BIG4 Goldfields and BIG4 Windmill in Ballarat. Both BIG4s are a 9-minute drive from Spilt Milk. They’ve also got cabins and a bunch of other accommodation options to scout.

Will there be toilet and shower facilities available?

Yes there will be toilets and hot shower facilities available!

Am I allowed to pitch my own tent?

Unfortunately not, Camp Camp is all pre-pitched Rent-A-Tents! If you are set on bringing your own gear, there are holiday parks and campgrounds nearby you can also camp at.

Do I have to buy a car pass when camping?

You only need a camping parking pass if you’re planning on driving and parking there for the weekend! If you’re getting dropped off, no need!

Can I sleep in my car?

No, camping parking passes are for parking only and can only be purchased with a pre-pitched tent.

Can I come and go throughout the festival day?

Spilt Milk has no passouts which means you can’t leave and come back, even if it’s to Camp Camp.

Is camping for both nights?

Yes, camping packages are only for 2 nights, Friday Check-in and Sunday Check-out.

Can I only pay for one night?

No, all tent packages are for two nights.

How many people per tent?

Depends on the size of your tent:
Budget Tent – 1 to 2 people max
Mid Tent – 1 to 3 people max
Deluxe Tent – 1 to 4 people max

Can I bring food in?

Yes, you can bring food in but you won’t be able to cook anything on bbqs or gas camping stoves.

Can I bring regular drinks in?

Sealed soft drinks, juice and water is fine! Anything unsealed won’t be permitted.

Can I bring in alcohol?

No alcohol will be allowed in to the campground.

Do we need blankets or pillowS?

Yes, would definitely recommend bringing your own blankets, pillows & sleeping bags.

Will camping tickets sell out fast?

Yes, there are limited tents available so get in quick!

I want to camp next to my friends, is that possible?

We will do our best to accommodate all friend groups! It’s recommended that you email [email protected] when you’ve booked and we will pass this on to our tent rental supplier.

Will there be access to power?

There won’t be any outlets available but there will be phone charging stations available.

Can I bring a camp chair?

You can BYO camp chairs or hire some on site.

Can I bring any glass items like bottles, makeup containers & more?

No glass containers at all will be allowed in.

Can I bring spray deodorant?

Only roll on deodorant will only be allowed! No aerosol sprays are permitted.

Can I bring my metal water bottle?

Only plastic water bottles will be allowed in, no metal or glass.

Can I bring in my creams, moisturisers, makeup etc?

All liquid makeup, creams & moisturisers will have to be under 200ml to be allowed in.

Can I bring my camera?

Your small still and film cameras are fine but any professional photography or film equipment is not permitted.

Can I bring in umbrellas?

Yes umbrellas are fine!