Spilt Milk is the biggest it’s ever been and while it’ll be the greatest day of your year, this many people means some longer wait times getting in and heading home. Chances are, the time you’re planning to arrive and leave will be the same as everyone else. At most festivals, over 70% of people arrive within the same hour (normally 2-3PM) – which causes longer lines getting in, at the bars and at the restrooms during that time. To make your day as cruisy as possible, make sure you’re across the best ways to get to and from the festival below (and be prepared for some lines)


Getting There: The free event shuttle buses are the best way to Exhibition Park. The buses will run from the City (Alinga St, Platform 3) and Belconnen bus interchanges during the day until 6pm. If you’re coming from elsewhere, you can catch any regular bus service to the city and hop on an event shuttle from there

Getting Home: The best way home is the free shuttle buses and light rail outside the main festival entry on Flemington Rd, starting from 7PM. The light rail and shuttle buses will be operating simultaneously from the same queuing area, and will head to both towards the City or you can take the light rail if you’re heading into Gungahlin.

If you’re leaving at the end of the night, odds are everyone else is as well so please expect to wait in line. If you don’t want to wait, you can walk the 30 minutes to Dickson to take grab a lift from there.


Getting There: Free light rail services will be running every 5-10 minutes along the light rail from the City & Gungahlin. Jump on any stop and get off at the ‘EPIC and Racecourse’ stop and you’ll be at the festival doorstep.

Getting Home: On the way home, the ‘EPIC and Racecourse’ light rail stop will be running extra services to Gungahlin Place and Alinga St in the City until 1am. Nearby Light Rail stops nearby will be closed, if you want on, make sure you line up in the designated pick up spot outside the main festival entry.


Getting There: If you’re coming from further out, we advise getting your rideshare to drop you off in the city and jumping on a free shuttle bus from there. If you want your ride to drop you closer though, your driver will have to take you down Randwick Road off of the Barton Highway and drop you off outside Thoroughbred Park. From there it’s a quick 5 min walk to the entrance. 

Getting Home: We strongly advise getting home via one of the public transport options available. However, if you are getting picked up from the event, the only place for all car, taxi and rideshare pick ups will be outside Thoroughbred Park on Randwick Rd. You can get there by heading out the main entrance and up Flemington Rd.

There’ll be a heap of road closures in place for safety reasons so please let your driver know they will have to come down down Randwick Rd from Barton Highway


Getting There: There are a limited number of day parking and camping parking spaces available. You’ll need to book a parking pass in advance from Moshtix to book your spot. The car parks for both day parking and camping are located on Old Well Station Road, just off of the Federal Highway.

Getting There: If you parked at the festival day parking, you’ll be able to jump into your car and drive out. There’ll be some road closures in and around Flemington Road and Federal Highway (between EPIC and Barton) so try to avoid these areas if you can.


Getting There: If you want to get a warm up in, you can get dropped off in Dickson which is a 30 min walk to the festival entrance.

Getting Home: If you don’t want to wait in lines, walking the short 30 mins down Federal highway to Dickson will get you out the fastest, where you can grab some food and a lift.


Getting There: If you’ve booked a private bus or party bus, they’ll have to drive down Old Well Station Rd and drop you out the front of our secondary camp & parking festival entrance

Getting Home: If you’ve booked a private bus or party bus to take you home, they’ll have to pick up on Old Well Station Rd outside of the camp & day parking entry


Canberra is home to Beam and Neuron e-scooters which you can use to get to and from the festival. You won’t be able to ride your scooter right up to the festival gates, but there will be a designated area for scooter parking, which you can find in the respective e-scooter apps. Please remember to be safe for both yourself and other road users and it’s illegal and dangerous to ride while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


There are road closures around Exhibition Park in the following locations:

Randwick Road: rideshare & drop off only.

Flemington Road: closed to public traffic.

Federal Highway: restricted traffic conditions.

You may find traffic control signs and redirections in place. For more info on road closures visit www.cityservices.act.gov.au For more info on public transport impacts visit www.transport.act.gov.au  


  • Plan ahead to make sure you know where you’re heading and you’ve left enough time for your journey so you don’t miss any of your fave acts.
  • Follow the signs and directions of event staff in and around the festival, and be respectful of any event staff or police who are trying to help you get into the festival as quickly as possible.
  • Make a note of where you’ve been dropped off or the last train times so you know how to get home when the festival ends
  • If you’re tapping out early, this will be the best way to beat the rush. But if you’re sticking it out til the end, take your time making your way to the exit. Several of the food operators and stalls will stay open for another 30mins to help re-energise you for the trip home.
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