Ticket FAQ.

24 Jun 18

Got a question about tickets? Check out our most frequently asked questions below. If you’re still at a loss, talk to the ticket gods over at Moshtix here.

I can’t go to Spilt Milk anymore, can I resell my ticket?

We will be offering a free resale facility through Moshtix from Thursday, August 2nd. If you can no longer attend, you’ll be able to put your ticket up for sale through Moshtix, for another fan to purchase. You’ll be able to resell your ticket up to Friday November 2, with reissue closing at 9am on Saturday 17 of November.

How can I resell my ticket? 

You can resell your ticket through our official resale facility on Moshtix for free from August 2. We STRONGLY recommend you do not attempt to buy a ticket from anybody unless it’s via the resale system on Moshtix, where tickets will be resold at the original sale price subject to availability.

  • Re-sale opens for sellers & the re-issue facility opens – 12pm Thursday 2 August
  • Re-sale opens for buyers – 12pm Monday 6 August
  • Re-sale facility closes – 5pm Friday 9 November
  • Re-issue facility closes – 9am Saturday 17 November

Read more about the resale facilities here.

Does my name need to be on the ticket?

Most definitely. Names will be checked against IDs and if they don’t match, you won’t be allowed in. You can make name changes through Moshtix until 9am Saturday 17 November. Typos or shortened names (i.e. Don instead of Donald) will be accepted but nicknames will not, (ie Pumpkin Tits instead of Rory).

What should I do about typos in my name?

If there is a small typo (i.e. Smiht instead of Smith), you’ll be fine, but anything more than two letters will require a change through Moshtix. You can make name changes through Moshtix until 9am Saturday 17 November

Does my ticket need to be changed into the name of the person attending?

YAS! The name on your ticket must match the name on your ID otherwise you’ll be denied entry.

Don’t get denied at the gate, make sure you reissue your ticket on Moshtix to ensure your name matches the ticket. Reissue will be available from until 9am Saturday 17 November. Reissue can be done through your Moshtixaccount, login here.

Is Viagogo legit?

Real talk, Viagogo is a oh-no-no. Although it may look legit and the technology seems sophisticated, Viagogo is NOT a Spilt Milk official ticket seller. Never has been, never will be. Don’t be fooled by the Google ads.

Viagogo sells two different types of illegitimate tickets:

  • Fake tickets
  • Legit tickets that have been sold to multiple people, with no way of knowing how many times it has been sold.

The Spilt Milk ticketing team cannot and will not accept tickets purchased on Viagogo (or any third-party ticket seller). Viagogo also sell the tickets at extremely inflated prices, with booking fees that are often $100+.

Viagogo isn’t the only culprit, with other sites including Queen of Tickets, eBay and even Facebook. Moshtix is the only ticket outlet to buy Spilt Milk tickets, so we suggest signing up for an account or if you already have one, and getting your logins at the ready.

Can I sell my ticket on Facebook?

Selling tickets through any third party website goes against the Spilt Milk ticket T&C’s. If you need to sell your ticket, you can do so through the official resale system via Moshtix. Any tickets found to be sold on Facebook will be cancelled, and posts advertising tickets will be removed.

How much are tickets?

  • 1st Release: $119.95 +bf – Allocation exhausted 
  • 2nd Release: $129.95 +bfAllocation exhausted 
  • 3rd Release: $139.95 +bfAllocation exhausted 
  • Sitting Pretty: $299.95 +bf – Allocation exhausted 


Is there a fee to reissue a ticket?

There is a $20 fee to reissue tickets and the resale facility is free for sellers. Read more about the resale here.


How can I buy tickets to Spilt Milk?

Tickets can only be purchased from Moshtix. If you see Spilt Milk tickets being sold anywhere else, they’re definitely lying to you.

We suggest creating a Moshtix account before tickets go on sale, so you can keep track of confirmations and it will save you time when buying your tickets. It also makes it easier if you need to change names or re-send the ticket to yourself down the track.

When do tickets go on sale?

Pre-sale tickets will go on sale at 12pm on Tuesday, July 3. We will be sending the pre-sale code out on Monday, July 2 to those who’ve signed up via our website. If you want to get in ahead of the crowd and secure your ticket, you’ll need to sign up here.

General release tickets go on sale at 12pm on Thursday, July 5. This is the last chance to get a ticket! If history is anything to go by, these will be gone in a flash. Log into your Moshtix account before 12pm to better your chances of picking up a ticket.

If you live in or around the ACT, you’ll want to read all about this year’s limited Homegrown tickets over here, available July 1.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy tickets? 

You don’t have to have a PayPal account to buy tickets. You can use your Visa or MasterCard through the PayPal Merchant as a guest, without needing an account.

How many tickets can I buy?

You can purchase up to 6 tickets in the general sale, and up to 4 tickets in the pre-sale. If all the tickets are listed under one name, you must arrive at the same time.

Does ‘+BF’ mean I can bring my bestie for free?

Unfortunately, not. The ‘bf’ after the ticket price means ‘plus booking fee’, not ‘plus best friend’.

What’s up with Sitting Pretty tickets?

VIP, baby! Sitting Pretty gets you priority access at the gates, access to your own bar with comfy seating, excellent views of the Angove stage, plus fancy toilets, cloakroom and a couple of other surprises.

Help! I purchased my ticket from a third-party and don’t know if it’s legit?

Moshtix is the official and only ticket outlet for Spilt Milk 2018. If you buy a ticket from an unauthorised ticket seller we cannot guarantee it is a valid ticket. Staff and security are not responsible for any fraudulent tickets.

I can’t find my ticket.

To help stop scalping we won’t be sending out tickets until August 1st. If you can’t find your ticket in your inbox after then, you can log into your Moshtix account and resend it to yourself here.

Tried this, but still hasn’t solved your problem? Reach out to the ticket gods Moshtix over here

I haven’t received my ticket. 

Don’t stress. Tickets are being kept safe and sound at Moshtix HQ and will be sent out to your email address at 12pm August 1. If it’s not in your inbox after that time, check your spam or get in touch with Moshtix

I am over 18 but don’t have photo ID, but I definitely look over 21. Will I be able to get in?

Even if you’ve got a government-issued seniors card, you will be ID checked at the Spilt Milk gates. As we are a licensed venue your photo ID will be checked upon arrival. You’ll need a valid Australian Government or state government-issued photo ID or passport for entry otherwise you’ll be denied. Sorry folks, Keypass is not accepted as a form of ID in the ACT.

I have a photo of my passport/ID, that’ll be fine, right?

Nope, photos, photocopies or jaw dropping illustrations of your ID will not be accepted. Valid and current proof of ID is needed to gain entry, otherwise you’ll be left on the wrong side of the fence. This includes current Australian driver’s licence, government-issued passports or Australian government-issued proof of age cards. Keep in mind that Keypass is not an acceptable form of ID in the ACT.

Do I have to print my ticket or can it be on my phone?

Phone is good to go unless your screen is smashed to smithereens – then you should definitely bring a printed copy.

Your Ticket Timeline

Homegrown Local Sale – 12pm Sunday 1st July 
Pre-sale On-Sale – 12pm Tuesday 3rd July
General On-sale – 12pm Thursday 5th July
Re-sale opens for sellers & re-issue facilities open – Thursday 2 August
Re-sale opens for buyers – 12pm Monday August 6
Re-sale facility closes – 5pm Friday 9 November
Re-issue facility closes – 9am Saturday 17 November


I’ve still got a bunch of questions about tickets – HELP!

Contact Moshtix for any other ticket-related questions, you can do so over here.


How can I request a refund after the Childish Gambino cancellation?

Refunds are available from October 30 via Moshtix here until November 1, 2018 at 3pm AEST. If you need further ticketing assistance or you can email Moshtix directly at Read our statement regarding the cancellation here.


Standard ticket T&C’s apply