The Intern's Guide to: How to Pose for Festival Photos

07 Nov 18

So festival fiends, you want to achieve social media success? For everyone to remember your fine self from Spilt Milk? Listen closely because this is the Intern’s Guide to: How to Pose for Festival Photos



Step 1: The Hands

This is the first big decision you’ve got to make and, believe me, you don’t want to make it lightly. Many have experimented with hand combinations over the years to create the perfect way to express themselves.

The Rock On: An absolute all-time favourite. Flicking this up in the crowd at Spilt Milk will let people know you spend 90% of the festival in the mosh, you have mad respect for the music scene and that you often have a headache from headbanging. It’s an instant classic which creates comradery amongst those nearby rocking the same symbol.

The Peace sign: Everybody’s best friend. For those who only wish good times and happiness upon others. Don’t be surprised if you get a couple of friend requests after flinging one of these. You’ll be seen as inspirational, relaxed and the people’s eco-hero.

The Point: If you freeze like a deer caught in headlights in front of a camera lens you can always rely on this classic. Although it’s straightforward, there is nothing sub-par about this move. The versatility of such a symbol means you can direct it anywhere you want and it will always tell the viewer one thing; you are there for a reason and that reason is to party.

The Anything Goes: From afar it may seem like this is the most effortless hand creation, however, this gesture should be left up to the creatively inclined. Being able to direct your digits in different directions instantaneously and uniquely is an impressive achievement. Pull off one of these in a festival snap and you are the charismatic, confident friend everyone needs.



Step 2: Poses

Once you’ve mastered the hand gesture that suits you best, you can work on the vital full body pose to accompany it.

The shoulder holder: aka the ‘gonna need a chiropractor’. This one means you are an extremely charming and friendly person. Why? Because you’re the ultimate operator, somehow convincing someone to let you climb on their shoulders in public. More often than not, you will form a soul bond with those you mount in the pit.

Jump for joy: the pure energy pose. You’ve been waiting for this day since you scored tickets five months ago and you want the world to know it. If you’re able to launch yourself off the ground for that perfect shot, you are the super keen friend who’s hell bent on getting the full festival experience. You most likely lay out your festival kit a week in advance, get dressed at 7am on the day and can be seen at every single food stand, bar and stage during the day.

The stand tall: let ‘em know. While you’re at Spilt Milk for the music and adventure, this pose says you mean business. Often better executed with matching outfits, you can assume this stance anytime to show you keep cool under pressure and to say “yeah I could smile right now, but I don’t need to”. This is authority at its peak.

Knee drop: the wild card. If you are a knee dropper, you are versatile and adaptable. No matter what environment you always seem to fit in it perfectly, willing to get on ground level for the ideal photo. Your resourcefulness means you are a prime perpetrator of the photobomb.



Step 3: Execution

After experimenting with your hands and full body poses, it’s time to put them into action. But will you be rolling solo amongst the crowd or strutting with your crew?

Solo: If you’re rolling solo, you can strike any combination you want. Do it confidently and everyone will want a piece of your sweet, sweet pose prowess.

Group: This one is a little trickier but is unrivalled when executed well. Having a solid combination of poses and gestures will convey all of your diverse individual personalities and adhesiveness as a group. If you pull off a matching pose, paired with matching group outfits congratulations my friends – you’ve just achieved the pinnacle ‘squad goals’.


Utilise these handy tips and you will be the most memorable person at Spilt Milk.

Now go! Prepare your poses for all those insta-worthy pics. I’ll see you all for the next Interns Guide. Ya boi, the intern, signing off.