Red Frogs at Spilt Milk

04 Nov 18

The Red Frogs crew will be returning to Spilt Milk this November! They’ll have dedicated chill-out zones where you can take a break, slap on some free sunscreen, stock up on red frog lollies and refill your water bottle.

Red Frogs Australia are a not-for-profit organisation that provides judgement-free help and promotes harm minimisation at festivals and events around Australia. They’ll have two safe spaces set up at Spilt Milk to chill out in or just have a chat. The Red Frogs spaces will also have glorious free water and sunscreen available at the Hydration stations (marked on the site map).

Keep an eye out for the roaming Red Frogs crew at Spilt Milk who are there if you or a mate need helping hand, want an objective opinion on which artist to see next or just for a pure sugar hit! They’re the nicest bunch of frogs you’ll ever meet!