Recycling at Spilt Milk

08 Nov 18

If you love helping the environment and saving coin on brews, then good news – the Recycling Station is back at Spilt!

Every can, cup or bottle you pick up and return to the Recycling Station you can earn $1 to spend at the bar. Pick up 10 cans, you’ve got yourself a $10 bar tab. Pick up 800 cans, you’ve got yourself $800 bar tab, pick up 420,000 cans… you get the idea (please drink responsibly).

Anything that comes from the bar (that’s any cans, cups, or bottles) can be traded for drink tickets!

The Recycling Station will be open between 11:00am and 10:30pm.

Please note: Each patron can recycle a maximum of 10 items per visit to the Recycling Station. Crushed vessels will not be accepted at the Recycling Station! 

Hot tip: Pick up cans on your way North Bar (near the Angove Stage), the Recycling Station is located right next to the North Bar, near the Angove Stage! That way you’re maximising your time and bank balance.

We are working with Clean Vibes on site at Spilt Milk this year to ensure we are maximising opportunities to recycle and minimise landfill.