Moaning Lisa Guide to Canberra

26 Oct 18

Hitting the road to Spilt Milk? Not sure what to see while you’re in the Nations Capital? Never fear, we’ve got the inside scoop.

Local legends Moaning Lisa took us around Canberra to show us some of their favourite spots to check out while you’re in town.


Sweet Bones

Sweet Bones is your go-to CBR vegan café, right off Lonsdale Street. In Canberra, everyone has this thing where you can’t really go anywhere or do anything without running into someone you know, and this place is great for that (and picking up a cinnamon scroll / Mexican mocha). We tend to not feel human until we’ve had 3 or 4 coffees, so stopping in for a pre-festival flatty is non-negotiable.

Charlie’s Inside Scoop – Sweet Bone’s Cinnamon Scrolls


Landspeed Records

The best record store in town. Fond memories include crate-digging for birthday presents for Charlie (think Blood Orange) and buying all ages GTM tickets from the counter circa 2011. It’s the perfect place to check out Canberra’s internal artistic conflict in action, with street art in the alley out back and the super-weird public art in Garema Place out front. It’s also a street away from where ML played its first ever show (The Phoenix).

Hayden digging for vinyl at Landspeed Records


Mt Ainslie

Say what you will about Canby, but it’s really freeing to know that if you drive for 10 minutes from pretty much anywhere you can find some breathtaking natural wonder. Walking (or driving) up Mt. Ainslie is a classic date-night activity, and it’s a bit of a rite of passage that everyone has a story to tell about it. For fans of rad views and storm chasing.

Hayley, Ellen & Hayden at Mount Ainslie Lookout


Palace Electric

New Acton is the trendy end of town for sure. It’s kind of half fancy apartments, half edgy art. At Palace, they serve you wine based on the length of the movie you’re about to watch, and the neon on the cinema doors is a total vibe.


ML at the weird & wonderful Palace Electric


Listen to Moaning Lisa’s brand new EP ‘Do You Know Enough’ on Spotify here.


Canberra on Fujifilm Superia as seen by Hayley