Miss Blanks returns with Good Good D

29 Jun 18

Miss Blanks has unleashed a BDSM-inspired video for her fire new track Good Good D. It’s a raunchy as hell, showing off Miss Blanks’ flow and evocative lyrics.

Miss Blanks says Good Good D  “…is next level witch art kink, a combination of assurance, power, and authority.”

In the video, we worked with Brisbane’s ONLY kink warehouse space, experienced kink specialists, and spent the time to learn proper terms, safety protocols, and collaboratively navigated the kind of narratives around how BDSM culture is perceived, which was very important to the team and myself. We managed to produce something in line with Miss Blanks, but without compromising on the accuracy of BDSM culture.”

Check out the slightly NSFW video in full, below.


You can catch Miss Blanks setting the stage alight at Spilt Milk 2018. Sign up here for pre-sale tickets.