Minimise your carbon footprint.

21 Jun 18

We care about the impact we have on the environment and are not only determined not to leave a single mark on this beautiful site, but also want to ensure the betterment of the land.

Over 40% of Australia’s natural forests and bush lands have been cleared, so it’s up to us to regenerate the natural landscape to protect our environment for generations to come.

The average Australian emits 20 tonnes of carbon per year (0.054 tonnes per day if you’re playing along at home). To counteract your emissions, you’d need to plant a minimum of 300 trees per year :O

Get started on offsetting your car trip to Canberra, the shirt you’ll buy for Spilt Milk but throw away the next day, and the paper bag from Sunday’s hungover Macca’s purchase, by adding a tree to your ticket for only $3.75.

It’ll be planted as part of a reforestation project in WA to restore the landscape and natural biodiversity. These trees are protected for up to 100 years and are absolutely critical in maintaining safe levels of oxygen and addressing climate change. Apart from filtering air and providing oxygen (duh), the trees conserve soil and water, prevent desertification and protect and stabilise ground cover, plus provide shade, shelter and food for our native animals.

We ain’t greenwashing here, because as well as encouraging all our fam to minimise your carbon emissions through purchasing a tree, we have a heap of other initiatives which will come alive closer to event day as part of our sustainability policy. If you are a keen green and want to contribute your idea, let us know! We’re all ears when it comes to helping mother nature out.


  • By restoring carbon in forests, peatlands and agricultural areas, it could reduce over 50 gigatonnes (50,000,000,000 tonnes) of emissions.
  • Australians generate 20 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.. each
  • Your $3.75 will pay for a tree, it’s planting, monitoring and fire insurance
  • The species of tree are drought-tolerant Eucalyptus and woody-stemmed Acacias and are planted in the winter
  • The trees are protected by a 100 year Carbon Right and Carbon Covenant (and the Kyoto Protocol).

We are working with Clean Vibes on site at Spilt Milk this year to ensure we are maximising opportunities to recycle and minimise landfill.