Its Stefa: Meet the Artist Behind the 2018 Spilt Milk Artwork

12 Nov 18

Lovin’ the crazy, colourful 2018 Spilt Milk artwork? We caught up with Stefanie Thiele (@itsstefa) to find out the creative process behind the work and her inspiration.

What was the process for creating the artwork?

The idea was to create an artwork that would really embody the spirit of Spilt Milk Festival. I turned my favourite music up really loud, allowed myself to be carried away by the beat and let my hands and subconscious guide me. Just like Spilt Milk, the artwork is a fusion of energy, rhythm and total creative freedom.

What materials did you use?

Acrylic paint and plexiglass panels.

Stefanie Thiele PaintingArt x Ocean from Stefanie Theiele’s Instagram @itsstefa

What’s been your favourite artwork to date?

Since first seeing it at Tate Modern in London in 2008, I have been obsessed with Cy Twombly’s Quattro Stagioni. I am also a huge fan of Egon Schiele and Albert Oehlen.

What’s your dream festival lineup?

That would be a really odd mixture: I got to see a lot of bands live this year already so I am gonna go for the ones I missed out on. Headliner would be Florence And The Machine – no doubt. I am dying to experience Chase Atlantic live. Falling In Reverse cancelled their Hamburg gig 10 mins before doors were supposed to open (still a little sulky about it, not gonna lie), so they remain top of the wishlist. Also on there is Adore Delano for sure and The Neighbourhood. Actually, that lineup would probably result in me getting an anxiety attack.

Stefanie Theiele in her Hamberg studio

If you were seeing your dream festival lineup, what’s your top pick for festival food?

Campfire stick bread and cheap wine.

Words of wisdom for artists starting out?

You will not start off “being someone”. Having a signature style creeps up on you without noticing. So just don’t bother looking for it. Just because you like a certain type of art doesn’t necessarily mean that that is the stuff you are supposed to create. Trust your gut and experiment the hell out of every material, colour and idea that pops into your head. Put your freaking heart and soul in it! The more you create and the more mistakes you make, the more you lose the fear of failing. Over time, this will make you see mistakes as discoveries and instead of being self-deprecating (been there, done that) your whole work ethic and creative output will become super positive and productive.

You can find more of Stefanie Thiele’s work on her website, follow her creative process on Instagram or purchase her artworks on Etsy.

Quattro Stagioni: Inverno by Cy Twombly