Homegrown: Canberra’s Ticket to Spilt Milk.

06 Jun 18

Spilt Milk tickets are on fire, selling out in less than 20mins every year. To look after our local fam we’ve created a special limited release of Spilt Milk Homegrown tickets, especially for the Canberra locals.


From 12pm (until allocation exhausted) on July 1 in Braddon, Canberra locals can visit the Spilt Milk pop up to collect a unique code that will unlock two Homegrown tickets for purchase and guarantee them entry to Spilt Milk 2018.


To claim one of the limited Homegrown codes, you’ll need to prove your address at the Spilt Milk pop up with either your license or student ID. The codes are strictly limited to one per person, with each unique code giving you the chance to unlock two tickets.

It’s open to all ACT, Queanbeyan, Murrumbateman, Brindabella, Jerrabomberra, Burra, Michelago, Gundaroo and Sutton residents. The codes will only be available to collect from the Spilt Milk pop up in Braddon from 12pm on Sunday 1st July. Homegrown ticket codes will be valid until 10pm July 1st only, so once you have a code, log onto as quickly as possible to secure your tickets.

Some codes have added perks, including ticket upgrades and other goodies to redeem on the day and for a lucky few, they’ll even cover the cost of your tickets.

The allocation of Homegrown tickets is strictly limited and they won’t last long! We strongly recommend that you arrive prior to 12pm to increase your chances of securing a Homegrown ticket to Spilt Milk 2018

More information on the venue will be sent out this Thursday. Sign up here to receive it.




Who can buy a Homegrown ticket?

We’re giving it back to the locals in 2018 and created the Homegrown tickets for Spilt Milk fans who live in the ACT and surrounding areas. If you’re able to prove you live in one of the below locations, or can show a current student ID for an ACT campus, you’ll be eligible to collect a code to unlock the Homegrown tickets.

  • ACT
  • Queanbeyan
  • Murrumbateman
  • Brindabella
  • Jerrabomberra
  • Burra
  • Michelago
  • Gundaroo
  • Sutton

Not from one of the above locations? You can still get in early via the Spilt Milk pre-sale, just make sure you’ve signed up to the mailing list before July 2nd to get the code here.


How many times can I use my Homegrown code?

Each code is completely unique and can only be used ONCE between 12pm and 10pm on Sunday July 1st.

The moment you enter the code into, it is counted as one use & won’t work again. Make sure you only enter the code once you’re ready to purchase


How much will a Homegrown ticket cost?

Homegrown tickets will be $119.95 + bf each, the same price as 1st release tickets.


How can I get a code to unlock the Homegrown tickets?

Codes are only available from the Spilt Milk pop up on Sunday July 1 in Braddon at 12pm. You’ll need to come to the pop up with your proof of address to show us, and in exchange you’ll get a unique code that will unlock two Homegrown tickets. We’ll be revealing the venue on Thursday, June 28. Sign up to our mailing list to find out the location here.

Where is the Homegrown Pop Up on July 1st?

The Spilt Milk pop up window will be at 9 Lonsdale Street, Braddon. This is to the right of the Rye Cafe balcony. Look for the Spilt Milk logo which will be hanging at the start of the line.


Am I guaranteed a ticket if I get a code?

Yep! If you get a code then you are guaranteed up to two tickets, as long as you purchase from Moshtix before the code self destructs at 10pm Sunday July 1.


Is there a ticket limit?

Yes there is! Only one unique code will be given per person at the Spilt Milk pop up in Braddon on July 1. Each code can unlock two tickets. If you need more tickets, you’ll have to bring more friends.


I’m not in Canberra on July 1, but I definitely live there. Can I still get a Homegrown ticket?

Unfortunately the codes are only available on July 1 from the Spilt Milk pop up in Braddon. If you’re not going to be around, you’ll need to call in some favours to get someone else to collect it. You can still sign up to make sure you receive the other pre-sale code for July 3 here.


What time do I need to be at the Spilt Milk pop up to get a code?

Codes will be distributed at 12pm, but we recommend getting there early to line up as there are a limited amount available and they will go fast. Codes are strictly limited to one code per person and we have a limited allocation that won’t last long!


What do I need to bring to get a Homegrown code?

Make sure you bring your ID or driver’s licence to prove your ACT address, or your student card. You’ll need to prove you live in the region to collect your code.


When can I use the code?

The code is valid from 12pm until 10pm Sunday 1stJuly, so make sure you use the code as soon as you get it! The codes will not work after 10pm on Sunday.


I don’t have anything to prove I’m a local, but I definitely live here.

You gotta be an ACT or surrounds resident for this, so must have a photo ID which proves your address or your student card from a ACT territory campus.


I’ve got the code, how do I use it?

  1. Head to the buy tickets page here
  2. Enter the code on your card into the special offer code box on the Moshtix website. Your code will only work once, so make sure you’re ready to purchase when you’re entering your code. 
  3. Enter the details for you (and your mate), make sure the names on the ticket match your photo ID
  4. Proceed to payment
  5. Clear your diary on November 17, you’re going to Spilt Milk!


I am under 18, can I get a Homegrown ticket?

Spilt Milk is a strictly 18+ event, therefore only those who will be 18 on November 17 will be able to get Homegrown tickets. Age will be checked at the Spilt Milk Homegrown pop up on July 1.


I can’t make it, can my friend get a code for me?

Anyone who can prove they live in Canberra and will be 18 on November 17 can collect a Homegrown code on July 1, but the codes are strictly limited to one per person. As long as your mate lives locally and is happy to share their other ticket, they are more than welcome to come down at 12pm to get one.


I can’t get there at 12pm, will I still get a Homegrown code?

As Spilt Milk is a sell-out event we cannot guarantee tickets will be available after 12pm. To increase your chances of getting the tickets, make sure you’re at the pop up by 12pm.


How many codes can I pick up on July 1 in Braddon?

Codes are strictly limited to one per person. Each code will unlock two Homegrown Spilt Milk tickets on July 1 until 10pm, after then the codes will self destruct


Can I use my Homegrown code more than once?

Unfortunately not! Each code is completely unique, and will only work for one transaction. Make sure you use the code as soon as you collect it, as when the clock strikes 10pm it’ll self-destruct.




Standard ticket T&C’s apply