Seven ways to get to Spilt Milk.

21 Jun 18

You know how to get to Canberra, but how are you getting to Spilt Milk on the day? Time to start planning! Here are our top six ways to get yourself to the festival gates.



There is an extensive Uber network in Canberra that works off their universal app that you cans use to get to Spilt Milk. Your driver will drop you at the Spilt Milk Uber Zone just off Commonwealth Avenue, across the road from the Spilt Milk entry.

Haven’t got the app? Download it for free here.


2. Catch the Bus

Catching a bus is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get to Spilt Milk. You can hitch a ride with any Transport Canberra Blue Rapid 300 service from any major bus station with services departing every 15 minutes (or better) throughout the day. From Gungahlin (or EPIC campgrounds) you can catch a 200 Red Rapid956 or 958 to the city. Transfer onto one of the services running from the city interchange which will take you straight to Spilt Milk, or walk the twenty minutes to the entry of Commonwealth Park. Look out for more details closer to November.

Find details on which bus will get you to Spilt Milk at Transport Canberra here.


3. Take a Walk

Warm up and walk to Commonwealth Park. From the City Bus interchange, it won’t take you more than twenty minutes on foot to get to the Spilt Milk entry. From New Acton and QT, it’ll be less than twenty minutes via the Parkes Way footbridge and along the lake.


4. Get a Lift

Have you convinced someone to drop you off? Firstly, you owe them. Secondly, make them drop you off at the dedicated and signed drop off/pick up zone. Do not stop on Commonwealth Avenue, ACT police will be monitoring the road and issuing on the spot fines.

Local’s tip: get dropped off at Civic Pool! There are no roadblocks, it’s just a short walk over the footbridge to Commonwealth Park and it will save you precious time & money.


5. Ride a bike 

Save the planet and ride your two wheeler to Spilt Milk, but don’t expect to ride home if you’ve had a few brews (drunk riding is as illegal as drunk driving and you can get into a serious pickle). Bikes can also use the footbridges from the city as they are a shared path.


6. Book a Taxi 

Ask your driver to follow the signage drop you off at the drop off zones off Commonwealth Avenue and you can then walk up to the Spilt Milk entry, as all roads into Commonwealth Park will be closed for the event. Please note that no one will be allowed to drop off or pick up on Commonwealth Avenue, and police will be issuing on the spot fines to anyone who does.


7. Drive & Park 

We don’t encourage driving because parking is let’s face it, annoying. If you’ve drawn the short straw, the closest parking is at Civic Pool which is a five-minute walk to Spilt Milk. Civic Pool is located on the corner of Constitution Ave and Allara St, Canberra City. Read the signs and make sure you’re all good, there’s nothing worse than a parking fine to ruin your day. Don’t bother driving to Commonwealth Park as there are road closures in place.


The area surrounding commonwealth park, including the drop off zones and bus stops, ARE completely alcohol-free, so don’t bring those roadies with you.


Find out how to get home after Spilt Milk over here