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The Ultimate Survival Guide to Spilt Milk Ballarat

Spilt Milk is coming up fast! Find everything you need to know ahead of the day right here.

What to bring

You don’t need much to have a ripper of a day! Below are the few essentials you’ll need for event day:

Your ticket – Bring it on paper or save the environment and use your phone.
Your ID – You will need of the valid ID’s listed here for entry into Spilt Milk. 
Debit or credit cards – Spilt Milk is 100% cashless! Bring your debit/credit/phone card for all bars and food and market stalls.
Sun protection – It’s gonna be HOT, bring a hat and use the free sunscreen inside!
BYO water bottle – We have tons of free water stations inside. Bottles must be empty and not made from glass or metal.

Leave at Home

Don’t miss out on the day by getting caught at the gate. Alcohol, pressurised gases, vapes and totem poles are a few items banned from Spilt Milk. Anything illegal? Yeah leave that at home thanks. You can find a full list of banned items here.

BagS MUST BE 20cm x 30CM or smaller

Bags are A-OK but for security reasons, they must be smaller than 20cm x 30cm (around the same size as A4 paper) to one per person. Unfortunately, bags larger won’t be allowed into the festival.


Don’t forget to download them to your phone for easy access on the day!



Keep the party going at the official Spilt Milk after parties. You can dance the night away in Ballarat at The Bluestone and Faux Social Club or, if you’re headed back to Geelong, you can kick it at BloomFree buses will be running after the event to take you to the after parties in Ballarat!

How to get there

You’re excited af for Spilt but do you actually know how you’re getting there?

Depending on where you’re coming from, Bus route 10 and 26 will take you straight to the top of Victoria park. You can also catch a taxi or rideshare, get a lift, drive & park, walk or bike it. Find the best way to get you to the gates here.

If you’re pulling off a day trip to Ballarat, you’ll want to get your plans sorted ASAP. Sort your trip to Ballarat & Back right here.


We have a ton of steeze merch to cop at Spilt Milk 2019. You can order a couple of pieces prior for delivery or you pick up on the day!


Spilt is an epic day, so make sure you keep on top of it and stay hydrated. You can BYO drink bottle (must be empty and can’t be glass or metal) and there are multiple drinking stations around the site.


The DanceWize crew consists of hard-working volunteers who are trained to promote wellbeing. You can find DanceWize crew members wandering around and at their stations where they can provide free water, electrolytes, earplugs, sunscreen, sexual health supplies, and a place to chill out away from crowds and noise. They’ll also be working with Ballarat CASA at Spilt Milk. If you experience behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable, a CASA counsellor will be available to talk to.

Recycling STATION

The Recycling Station is in full swing again this year! For every *uncrushed* empty can or cup you take to the recycling station, you’ll get $1 to spend at the bar. IMPORTANT: A maximum of 10 cans at a time can be taken to the Recycling station. Only uncrushed vessels will be accepted and the $1 bar vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.

This year we’re teaming up with Clean Vibes on site to ensure we maximise our opportunities to recycle and minimise landfill.

How to get home

Getting home is easy as. There will be free buses from the top of Victoria Park on Sturt Street to take you back into town as well as Fed Uni and both Big4 caravan parks. You can also taxi, rideshare, or get picked upFind the best way home here.

Party safe

Spilt Milk is an amazing day full of music, food and good vibes and we want everyone to party as safe as possible. If you or mate exhibit any symptoms out of the ordinary, head to first aid to get help as soon as possible.  Spilt Milk has highly trained medical personnel who offer CONFIDENTIAL and JUDGEMENT FREE HELP.

Keep on top of it, learn how to party safe at Spilt Milk here.


Spilt Milk has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to sexual harassment, physical assault, antisocial or violent behaviour, or any other forms of inappropriate behaviour. If you experience any negative behaviour at the event you can report it to the Good Vibes Hotline.⁠ If you text through to hotline with your location and situation it’ll go straight to Spilt Milk HQ. From there, our staff or security will be able to respond and make a discreet intervention. ⁠

If you or someone close to you is in immediate danger, please seek the assistance from the closest security guard for the shortest response time. Quick responses save lives.

Lost property

Lost items will be held at the Info Booth throughout the day until the event ends. If you are are looking for lost property after the event, you can find it here.


We’re here to party rain, hail or shine! The forecast for Saturday is looking a little chilly, so make sure you pack some warm steeze for when the sun drops. There’s a cloakroom on site (near the info desk) as well as lockers.

Got yourself a Sitting Pretty ticket? There’s a free cloak service for you at the Sitting Pretty bar, head there to find out more.

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