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Resale & Reissue

Spilt Milk

If you missed out on tickets to Spilt Milk 2019 or you can no longer use your ticket, you will be able to access the official resale from July 8.

The Spilt Milk official ticket resale facility will be open via Moshtix from July 8 for sellers and July 11 for buyers. The facility allows those who can no longer attend Spilt Milk 2019, the opportunity to sell their ticket on to another party safely and securely. If you’re looking to buy a ticket, this is the best way to secure a legitimate ticket to the sold out Spilt Milk 2019.

Those on the waitlist will get first access to any tickets made available in the resale on July 11 at 8AM. Sign up here

Beware of scammers and scalpers on third party websites such as Viagogo, Gumtree, Facebook and any other unofficial marketplace. There have been multiple reports of people purchasing fake or duplicate tickets which could lead to you being turned away on the day and unable to attend. Please be aware scammers with fake Facebook profiles are actively targeting Spilt Milk fans.

We strongly recommend for you not to attempt to buy a ticket from anybody unless it’s via the official resale facility on Moshtix, where tickets will be resold at the original sale price, subject to availability.

If you need to re-issue a ticket to a different name, you will be able to do that via Moshtix.


  • Ticket re-sale opens for sellers – 8am Monday 8th July
  • Ticket re-sale opens for purchasers with a waitlist code – 8am Thursday 11th July
  • Ticket re-sale opens for all purchasers – 12PM Thursday 11th July
  • Reissue facilities open – 8am Thursday 1st August
  • Ticket re-sale closes – 5pm Friday 1st November
  • Reissue facilities close – 9am Event Day


I can’t go to Spilt Milk anymore, can I resell my ticket?

We will be offering a free resale facility through Moshtix. If you can no longer attend, you’ll be able to put your ticket up for sale through Moshtix, for another fan to purchase. You can list your ticket in the resale from July 8 by logging into your Moshtix account & following the prompts.

How do I resell my ticket?

You will be able to resell your ticket through the official resale when it opens on July 8. List your ticket for resale by logging into your Moshitx account & going to the Manage Tickets section, find your Spilt Milk 2019 tickets, and select the RESELL button. From here follow the Moshtix prompts to get your ticket listed for resale.


  • Ticket re-sale opens for sellers – 8am Monday 8th July
  • Ticket re-sale opens for purchasers – 8am Thursday 11th July
  • Ticket re-sale closes – 5pm Friday 1st November
What does the resale service cost?

The resale facility for sellers is free. If your ticket is then sold through Moshtix your ticket will be cancelled and the original amount paid for the ticket, less booking and transaction fees will be refunded to the credit card used for the original purchase. You will be notified via email once the refund for a resold ticket has been processed.

Why can’t I sell my Moshtix ticket anywhere else?

Your ticket has your name on it, which means it is strictly non-transferable to another person. Any ticket sold by any means other than Moshtix official resale facility will be invalid for use as the name of the ticket holder will not match the Moshtix database. Tickets re-sold, or offered for resale, in an unauthorised manner may also result in all tickets in the order being cancelled without refund, along with all ticket holders being refused entry to the venue. This includes tickets offered for resale via online third party websites, such as Facebook, Viagogo and Gumtree.

Where can I find the resale tickets?

If resale tickets are available you’ll find them on the Spilt Milk ticket page here. Tickets will appear on the page as they are made available by sellers. We are not able to confirm when or how many tickets will be made available. The resale closes on 5pm Friday 1st November so keep checking back in until that date to see if your preferred ticket becomes available.

Can I buy my friends tickets in the resale?

Sellers cannot nominate a preferred purchaser. Returned tickets go into a general ‘pool’ available for purchase by other, unknown persons.

Can I sell my ticket on Facebook?

Selling tickets through any third party website goes against the Spilt Milk ticket T&C’s. If you need to sell your ticket, you can do so through the official resale system via Moshtix. Any tickets found to be sold on Facebook will be cancelled, and posts advertising tickets will be removed.

Is there a fee to reissue a ticket?

There is a $20 fee to reissue tickets and the resale facility is free for sellers.

What if I’m not the original purchaser?

Tickets can only be offered for resale by the original purchaser of the tickets. If you are a ticket holder and wish to offer your ticket for resale, you will need to arrange the resale of your ticket with the original purchaser of the tickets whose Moshtix account was used for the purchase.

When do I get my money back?

Refunds are not guaranteed and you will only get your money back if your ticket is purchased by another fan. Until they are re-sold, the tickets remain your property and no funds are owed to you. If your ticket gets purchased by another fan, we will refund the original ticket price (less booking fees) to the original credit card used to purchase. Should your ticket remain unsold at the end of the resale period, the ticket remains valid for your use by the original ticket holder.

Is Viagogo legit?

Real talk, Viagogo is a oh-no-no. Although it may look legit and the technology seems sophisticated, Viagogo is NOT a Spilt Milk official ticket seller. Never has been, never will be. Don’t be fooled by the Google ads.

Viagogo sells two different types of illegitimate tickets:

  • Fake tickets
  • Legit tickets that have been sold to multiple people, with no way of knowing how many times it has been sold.

The Spilt Milk ticketing team cannot and will not accept tickets purchased on Viagogo (or any third-party ticket seller). Viagogo also sell the tickets at extremely inflated prices, with booking fees that are often $100+.

Viagogo isn’t the only culprit, with other sites including Queen of Tickets, eBay and even Facebook. Moshtix is the only ticket outlet to buy Spilt Milk tickets, so we suggest signing up for an account or if you already have one, and getting your logins at the ready.

If I’ve used Time To Pay, can I resell my ticket?

If you have used Time To Pay and are currently paying in instalments, you WILL NOT be able to list your tickets for resale until your order has been paid in full. You may pay your order in full early by contacting Moshtix ticket support on 1300 438 849.

I put my ticket up for resale, how do I know if it’s been sold?

You can check the status of your tickets offered for resale by logging in to your Moshtix account and viewing your tickets.

Ticket Statuses:

Valid – Your ticket is valid for entry and has not been listed for resale or reissued.

Pending Re-Sale – Your request to re-sell your ticket has been received and your ticket is waiting to be purchased by another buyer.

Re-sold Ticket – Your ticket has now been re-sold to another fan. Your initial purchase will be refunded back to the credit card you used to originally purchase your ticket, less booking fees, and your ticket is no longer valid for use.

You will be notified via email once your ticket has been re-sold and purchased by another customer. You will also receive a refund notification via email, however, the funds may take 5 business days to appear on your credit card statement used for the purchase.

What happens if my tickets don’t sell?

If your ticket remains unsold after the end of the resale period on 5pm Friday 1st November, the ticket remains valid and is deemed the property of the original ticket holder, who will still be able to use the ticket should they still be able to attend the festival. Spilt Milk tickets are not refundable unless purchased by another fan, so any ticket refund is not guaranteed.