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Event Day FAQ

Spilt Milk

Find everything you need to know about Spilt Milk event day below!

Looking for Map & Set Times? You’ll need to stay tuned as they won’t be released until closer to the event date.

What time does the festival start?

Spilt Milk kicks off at 11am on Saturday November 30.

There will be some amazing artists on from the very start, so get down early to make the most of your day!

Can I bring my water bottle to Spilt Milk?

We strongly encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle to Spilt Milk! (#savetheplanet)

We have multiple water stations for you to access throughout the day to fill it up and stay hydrated.

Please note, the water bottle needs to be completely empty of liquids upon entry and it must not be made out of glass or metal.

What’s the best time to arrive?

The doors open at 11am and there will be some epic artists playing at the start of day. Get down early to make the most of it!

Best to start planning as soon as the set times are out, sign up to get them straight to your inbox here

Will there be an afterparty?

‘Course! Keep an eye on Facebook for the details as they’re announced

What size bag can I bring?

Bags are limited to 20cm x 30cm (around the same size as A4 paper) and one per person for security reasons.

Anything bigger won’t be allowed into the festival.

Can I bring make up into Spilt Milk?

Yas qween. You can bring your make up in so long as it isn’t in a glass container. Any glass containers will be confiscated at the gates. If it’s a cream, it’ll need to be less than 100ml.

Can I use pay pass or my credit card on site?

Yep, we’ll only be accepting card! We’re 100% tap and go, so no cash. Bring your cards or smart phone wallets.

Will there be gender-neutral restrooms?

Yes, check the map when it’s released for locations.

We can email it to you as soon as it’s ready, just sign up here.

What can’t I bring into the festival?

Banned Items List Spilt Milk 2018

  • Bags larger than 20cm x 30xm
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal substances
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Glass of any kind (including perfume bottles)
  • Cans and aerosols
  • Liquid of any kind
  • Creams over 110mL (this includes sunscreen over 110mL)
  • Make-up in glass containers (anything not in glass is OK)
  • Prescription medication without the label showing your name that matches your ID
  • Over the counter medication
  • Metal bottles
  • Video and audio recording devices, including GoPros & drones (other than mobile phones)
  • Professional still cameras (small cameras ARE allowed, fits in your pocket? Its OK!)
  • Strictly no animals (with the exception of service or assistance animals, such as guide dogs)
  • Promotional material of any kind including flags
  • Vapes & E-Cigs
  • Animals (service animals are okay)
  • Umbrellas (please use a plastic poncho or a raincoat instead)
  • Any items determined as dangerous by Security or Event Staff.
Will there be first aid or medical services on site?

There will be two first aid tents on site at Spilt Milk. They’ll have paramedics, medication and you can find them on site via the map or by looking for the large signs with red crosses on there. The excellent Red Frogs crew will also be around to give you a helping hand.


Am I allowed to bring a glass into the event?

Glass of any kind is banned from the event. This includes but is not limited to glass water bottles, make up in glass containers and perfume bottles.

Can I bring my aerosol deodorant into Spilt Milk?

Nope. Not because we love your natural musk, but because all aerosols are banned from the event. Roll on and stick deodorants are fine, so long as they are under 100ml and not in glass or metal containers

Am I allowed to bring sunscreen into the event?

You are allowed to bring in personal sunscreen, as long as it is in it’s original container and less than 100ml. Anything over 100ml won’t make it past security.

There will be heaps of free sunscreen at each first aid tent, with the Red Frogs and the info tents.

Are credit cards accepted? What about debit? Cash?

Bring your cards because no cash will be accepted by any food truck, bar or market stall. Spilt Milk is 100% cash free – it’s tap & go only.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

No, nope, no.

Can I bring in my own food?

You can if you need to. We do provide you with an extensive variety of food options that cater for most dietary requirements (vegan, dairy free, gluten free, vego etc).

There will be something for every palate and you may just try something so good, you’ll go back for thirds.

Are walkie talkies allowed?

Unfortunately walkie talkies are not allowed into Spilt Milk as they can interfere with emergency services communications.

Can I bring a sign or totem?

Nope. Be your own totem. We believe in you.

Will there be merch on sale?

You’ll be able to grab artist and Spilt Milk merch from the merch tent as well as online before and after the day. Stay tuned for more details by signing up here.

Can I bring liquids into Spilt Milk?

Nope, no liquids are allowed in.

Can I bring my camera?

Small still cameras are totally fine, but any professional still cameras or video and audio recording devices, including GoPros and drones aren’t allowed in.

Phones are of course, totally fine. Leave the other stuff at home and just enjoy the show!

Can I leave and come back in?

There are strictly no pass-outs during Spilt Milk. Please plan ahead, because once you’re in, you’re in!

Be sure to pack everything you think you’ll need in a bag 20cm x 30cm (around the same size as A4 paper).

Can I smoke in the festival?

You can only smoke in the designated areas. Keep non-smokers in mind and don’t smoke anywhere but those designated areas.

Where can I park my car?

Have you been voted the deso for the day? Firstly, your friends owe you. Secondly, there is a dedicated all-day parking lot right next to the festival. Parking requires a pre-purchased car or bus pass which you can buy here.

The entry is located on Gillies street, check the event map closer to date and for event signs on the day.

There’s a lot of road closures around the event, so make sure you take it slow and be aware some roads won’t be accessible as per normal.

Do I have to wear shoes to Spilt Milk?

Yes, we strongly recommend wearing shoes to Spilt Milk. We are a green field event, with a lot of grounds to cover throughout the day. Closed in shoes like sneakers are always your best bet.

Does my name need to be on my ticket?

The name on your ticket needs to match your current photo identification to gain entry into Spilt Milk. Names on tickets will be checked to match your ID at the entry point.

How do I bring in my medication?

If you need to bring in prescription medication to the festival, you’ll need to make sure it is in its original packaging with the dispensary label.

The name on the label must match the ID of the ticket holder.

First aid tents will have most over-the-counter medication available such as Panadol, aspirin, antihistamines as well as sanitary items for you to access inside the event. You can find their locations on the official Spilt Milk map released closer to the date.

I have a photo of my passport/ID, that’ll be fine, right?

Nope, photos, photocopies or jaw dropping illustrations of your ID will not be accepted. Valid and current proof of ID is needed to gain entry, otherwise you’ll be left on the wrong side of the fence. This includes current Australian driver’s licence, government issued passports (Australian or International) or Australian government-issued proof of age cards.

I have to drive to the festival, what are the best directions?

Have you been voted the deso for the day? Firstly, your friends owe you. Secondly, you can drop them off at the drop off/pick up zone on Gillies Street. If you’re attending as well there is a dedicated parking lot next to the festival just off of Gillies Street. Parking requires a pre-purchased car or bus pass which you can buy here.

There’s a lot of road closures around the event, so make sure you take it slow and be aware some roads won’t be accessible as per normal.

I’ve got some flares, fireworks and sparklers I want to bring along – is that cool?

It’s a hard no. Leave the fireworks and shiny lighty up things to the professionals.

Are tampons allowed into Spilt Milk?

Most definitely. There’s been some confusion about this previously and we want to make it abundantly clear that tampons, pads and menstrual cups are all allowed into Spilt Milk.

If you end up needing a tampon or pad once you’re inside the event, our first aid partners will have free sanitary items available to you. Just find them on site at the First Aid points via our map to pick some up.

If you’re having any problems regarding the above on the day, feel free to call our Good Vibes hotline, which is available on the day of the event.

Is there a cloakroom?

Yes there is a cloak room on site! Check the site map closer to the event for the location.

Is there a map?

Sure is! We’ll be releasing the map for you a week or two before the show.

We can send you a copy as soon as it’s live, just make sure you’ve signed up here.

Lost something?

Lost items will be at the Info Booth throughout the day until the end of Spilt Milk.

After the event, all lost property is handed over to the local police for processing. Contact the Ballarat North Police Station, 734 Norman Street, North Ballarat. Just make sure you give them a call on (03) 5331 2816 to check your item is there before popping in.

Are e-cigs or vapes allowed?

As vapes and e-cigs contain liquids, they’re not allowed inside Spilt Milk.

What will the weather be like?

We’re good, but we’re not weather psychic good. Spilt Milk takes place rain or shine so make sure you check the weather the day before and plan to bring your hat/poncho.

Best to triple check with the weather gods a few days beforehand.

Where are the Set Times?

They will be available a couple of weeks before the event day! Sign up to our newsletter here to be the first to know.

What time does the festival end?

The event ends when the final acts have finished at 11pm.

Will there be shade?

Plenty! But bring your hat and utilise the free sunscreen from first aid and the info booth to stay extra sun safe.

Where do I collect my media pass?

Accreditation will be available from the express entry line at the front gate. Upon collection you will be required to sign a release form.

Forms must be signed in order to receive your accreditation.

Will there be ATMs on site?

Spilt Milk is 100% tap & go so no cash cash money is required, Just tap & go!

Will there be charging stations, so I can take a heap of selfies and not worry about my phone dying?

Yes! There will be charging stations available on site near the market stalls.

Are there accessible amenities?

The event is fully accessible, with accessible toilets available. Contact Spilt Milk HQ for more info.

Is there disabled parking?

Yes, there are disabled parking facilities at both Spilt Milk locations!
Ballarat details here
Canberra details here

I’ve got some more questions about accessible access, who can I contact?

Get in touch with Spilt Milk HQ at

Can I use my Digital ID for entry in Ballarat?

Yes! Digital ID’s are accepted in VIC. Please bring one of the following as a valid form of ID:

  • 18+ Passport, Photo Driver Licence
  • Proof of Age card (including Keypass)
  • Digital ID/Keypass
  • International Passports